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Man's Best Friend Gourmet Hot (MBF) sauce specializes in all natural gourmet hot sauces. Each MBF hot sauce is created from scratch using only the freshest hand selected chile peppers and prepared to perfection in small batches.
With varying heat levels and unsurpassed flavor, MBF offers two unique categories of hot sauces:" Mutts" and "Purebreds."

Customer Comments:

I just wanted to let you know your hot sauces are absolutely amazing. I'm a big fan of the Chihuahua in particular. I use it on everything, including just plain tortilla chips and I go through about a bottle a week :) Thanks for the great products you put out. S.B.

Looking forward to seeing you all as always!! You still make the best sauces!! -L.S.

I bought some of your Doberman, then came back to get the Pit Bull hot sauce. Anyhow, had the Pit Bull again last night on some chicken kabob's and the sauce is one of the best I have every had!! Had it again this morning on some eggs. Fantastic stuff and most important great flavor. Often times have sauces claimed to be hot, and they usually are very hot, but never taste good. Your sauce lives up to its claim of being very hot, but also with spectacular flavor. This is something hard to find! -A.C.

We bought your hot sauce at the Strawberry fest in Cedarburg recently and LOVED it. N.R.

I just had to email you to let you know a few things. I love spicy peppers, foods, salsas, and hot sauces. I have always loved searching for and occasionally finding those products that have a perfect blend of mouth-blowing flavor. I just ordered a couple bottles of my favorite (French Mastiff) and 1 bottle of a mutt sauce on your website and am excited to receive them. Thank you so much for your unique gift to the world.- A.Cg.

Hello, I bought one of your hot sauces at the Strawberry Festival and just love it. -G.B.

I bought two sauces, Doberman and Pit Bull, at the Strawberry Fest. I love hot sauce--I think your sauces have wonderful flavors. The Pit Bull is so fantastically spicy but doesn't lose any flavor like a lot of super-hot sauces do. Keep up the great work. I'll be buying many more. -A.B.

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